Best Motorcycle Jacket

Best Motorcycle Jacket

Best Motorcycle Jacket

Get your cow on! We chose our favourite sport, touring and fashionable motorcycle jackets – all of ’em beef-y enough for a slide. Moo-ve over textile, because these leathers have the technicality and price tags to compete.

0:22 – Alpinestars Missile Tech-Air:
2:43 – Fieldsheer Supersport Air:
4:50 – Rev’It Ignition 3:
6:38 – Black Brand Carry-On:
7:41 – Rev’It Fargo:

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39 Replies to “Best Motorcycle Jacket”

  1. Not necessarily leather but any thoughts on the best balance jacket of dealing with heat and protection? Obviously there is always compromise but from your older video Super Sport Air Leather Jacket seemed good but, curious if there are any updates.(I get extra hot in particular)

  2. Have a 9 y.o. Scorpion Exo, perferated (sp?) jacket that has been lovingly cared for all if its life. . . because I appreciate all that leather is/can be and care for it accordingly.

    With my regular cleaning/conditioning, repairs/maint. done by a proper leathercraft professional, & occasional upgrades to the armor, this jacket has 1) stayed white, 2) retained ALL of its esthetic accouterments, 3) served me well as a three-season garment (Spr/Sum/Fall) since I bought it. It fits me perfectly & has done so through multiple changes in weight, with minor alterations by the afore mentioned leathercraft pro.

    Take care of your leather & it will take care of you.

  3. Hey, could you please Tell me your Measurements? My statue is similar to yours and i can‘t try the fieldsheer Jacket on. And which Size is L? On the website they Use 42 and 52

  4. Well I'm 62 years old and I wear a Spidi $500 jacket. Sheepskin leather, Italian design, looks v. cool, completely useless as a form of protective gear…Oh and I agree, brilliant channel…

  5. Love your reviews. The wit and sarcasm sometimes bring me to your channel even if I don't want to know about the product in question. Would you also be able to review belstaff leather jackets. Especially for ventilation and protection. Thanks. Keep up the good work! Greetings from the sunny side 🙂

  6. Best leather riding jacket I've ever owned or worn is my second hand Hein Greinke I found in a junk store fits me as if it was tailor made and works pretty darn good when sliding across the asphalt has a couple small scuffs now but to me that just serves like a dent in a suit of armor its proof that it does what it's supposed to

  7. Question. Have you done anything on riding boots? Including women’s. Cause I want to know why they don’t put an extra reinforcement layer on the top of the left foot so it doesn’t get crushed in so badly. ?????

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