Motorcycle Jackets For Men

Motorcycle Jackets For Men

Motorcycle Jackets For Men

There are many types of motorcycle jackets out there, not to mention colors and safety items! What should you choose? I break down some of the more important parts of a motorcycle jacket and what you should look for. Also, say hi to NightRain on the Discord!

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33 Replies to “Motorcycle Jackets For Men”

  1. I have a secondhand two piece Berik suite on my 250. Because it was the best protection for the amount of money it cost. I mainly only use the jacket even and it's only for commuting to work at max 110kmph and some traffic for 25km back and forth. By going for this cheaper secondhand leather option I could afford a 5/5 sharp rated helmet and decent shoes and gloves

  2. Get gear and you'll be safER. Gear will NEVER make you safe. Good riding skills, proactive riding and SLOWING DOWN will keep you safer than a suit of iron armor.

    Most gear will not perform as reported, the armor will find a way to squirm away from the road (physics) in a slide leaving the softer spots to just shred then you shred. I'm seeing a safety illusion in these obsessive gear buyers. Normal gear is you logically reducing your injury in a crash, but it is best not to crash. 95% of all crashes are preventable BY THE RIDER even if the rider was not at fault. You may not be at fault, but you still may be in the cemetery. Keep yourself safe by focusing on your actual riding and the maintenance of your bike first.

  3. just got a 125 cruiser a couple days ago, was lucky enough to have some biker friends so got a nice jacket with padded shoulders and back, bought the helmet and gloves. last time i was on a bike was when i was 16… long time ago

  4. For me it's based on temperature. From about 35 -50 Fahrenheit I wear leather with a thermal lining. From about 50 -70 I wear the same leather jacket without the thermal lining. From about 70 – 95 I wear a perforated leather jacket and over 95 I wear mesh. Mesh doesn't protect as well but it ends up being maybe two months out of the year and I'm one of the very few I see wearing full gear at those temps around here.

  5. I am looking into learning to ride and looking at the gear including jackets. First comment is that I cannot believe the prices. Total rip-off. In this day and age, with economies of scale, and cheap synthetic materials, the biking community needs to come together and demand better. Second point is that this is supposed to be safety gear and yet they don’t comply to any safety standards (with the exception of helmets). I have seen the odd YouTube video of riders reporting how their clothing performed and that is great but probably not too helpful if you want to know how a new design will perform before you purchase. The SHARPS website reports that safety performance of clothing CANNOT be inferred by a brand name or the use of premium materials. Of primary concern is the design. It was a shock to learn this not because I fell for the advertising message but because manufacturers have completely ignored this information. No pockets, no metal attachments that can be turned in during a slide. There is no government regulation, there is no industry investigation, there is no community focus. I believe that most of the safety clothing for sale is not fit for it’s intended use regardless of brand or price.

  6. While I don’t have any experience, and I am happy to be corrected, my thinking is that step one will be to decide on what impact protection you want. Step two to find a jacket that will accommodate that armour and of course have the necessary abbreviation resistance.

  7. anyone know what kinda gloves he's wearing?
    also MR.DANDAN just wanna let you know you're a big inspiration man as a rider and as a fire fighter! I'm in EMT school about to take the national registry next month and going into fire academy in February!
    got my endorsement a few days ago currently shopping for gear and getting my first bike this weekend which is a RE continental GT 535 hella excited man much love !

  8. I think that what you wear is highly dependant on the climate you are riding in.
    ps. I've seen a bunch of your vids…and…I don't want to sound like my dad, but….keep your hands on your grips, dude. A little patch of unseen gravel or grit, and you are going to test your armour, up close.

  9. I wear dainese perforated jacket & pants every ride and i know its not the most comfortable choice but the protection i get is far more important for myself. My advice to anyone who feels he wont tolerate leather 24/7 is to be a man and suck it up because human body can get used to pretty much anything if you put in the work and time into it.

  10. As a kid growing up in Phoenix I’ve always loved bikes but never quite could convince parents… now as an 18 year old soon to be in flagstaff for college I was hopin I could get some help
    A.) is it unreasonable to use a bike as primary transportation in flag, given road conditions in winter
    B.) is there certain gear I should be looking at most optimal for northern Arizona w four seasons (hopefully under $1000 total given I’m a soon to be broke college kid)
    Thanks for any help
    I love your videos and everything I’ve found has been super helpful in my quest to begin riding!

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